Kansas City Black History 2019

LINC along with its partners the Kansas City Public Library and the Black Archives of Mid-America is again pleased to produce and share its annual Black History educational poster set and booklets.

Copies of the booklets and posters will be available in January 2019 at the LINC Main Office, LINC Caring Communities sites, the Kansas City Public Library, the Black Archives of Mid-America and some branches of Mid-Continent Public Library.

The 2019 Edition

During the civil rights movement of the 1950s and ’60s, African Americans in Kansas City fought with others across the country for full political, social, and economic rights. Empowered by political groups such as Freedom, Inc., local black activists championed legislation for public accommodations and fair housing and demanded equal education and employment.

“There are two things we should all care about,” the late civil rights leader Fannie Lou Hamer once said. “Never forget where you came from, and always praise the bridges that carried us over.” In their own ways, and in their respective fields, the six African Americans celebrated on these pages made their marks and served as “bridges” – breaking down barriers in Kansas City, elevating and inspiring an entire community. We honor their achievements and those of dozens of other individuals spotlighted in past editions of Kansas City Black History.

Limited quantities of posters and booklets are available in print, all are available for download below.

2019 Set

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Copies of 2019 Edition

Copies are still available at the LINC Main office at 3100 Broadway Blvd. Suite 1100, Kansas City, MO 64111 . For larger requests, please call in advance to 816-889-5050. Thank you!

Learn Their Stories

Visit kclinc.org/blackhistorystories to learn more about the individuals featured in this and prior years Black History Project.