LINC Chess

LINC believes that chess is a great way for children to learn and think strategically.

In 2018-19, LINC will be playing chess at 47 different LINC Caring Communities sites (see map) and plan on holding five different chess tournaments. 

The programs use chess to enhance students' self-confidence, thinking skills and academic achievement.

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LINC Chess Camp and University Summer 2019

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Volunteer with LINC Chess

LINC Chess is always looking for volunteers, whether for help at sites, during a tournament, or anywhere in between. Contact for more information.

Parent resources

LINC Chess parents can help their student practice with these series of materials. Download the files below to learn the function of each chess piece with your student.

Chess Board - Introduction

Pawns - Week 1

Rooks - Week 2

Bishops - Week Three

Queen - Week Four

Knights - Week Five

King - Week Six

Castling - Week Seven

Check, checkmate, stalemate - Week Eight

LINC Chess Tournament Registration

Saturday, May 4, 2019
Check-in before 9:00am
At Center High School


LINC Chess Videos

Watch more videos on Vimeo.