Family and Community Trust Partnership

The Local Investment Commission is part of a larger state system reform effort that is directed by the Family and Community Trust whose board of directors is composed of the directors of the state agency partners and eight civic and business leaders. There are 20 recognized "community partnerships" in the state.

The board sets the macro-strategy for the system reform effort, builds leadership in state agencies and communities, measures progress, and keeps the focus on the vision. The state agency partners are the departments of Corrections, Economic Development, Elementary and Secondary Education, Health, Labor and Industrial Relations, Mental Health, Public Safety and Social Services are partnering in the system reform initiative.

They established a cross-agency structure to work together to measurably improve the condition of Missouri's families and their children, to establish greater collaboration among human service agencies, and to implement the broad-based systems reform initiative.

The local Caring Communities Partnerships bring together stakeholders to shape priorities for children and families. In 1995, the state departments invited seven communities to partner with them to improve results for children and families. Four additional communities became Caring Communities Partnerships in 1996, three more in 1997, and four more in 1998. In June 1999, there are eighteen Caring Communities Partnerships with 103 Caring Communities sites across Missouri.

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