Checkmate: Fort Osage plays chess district-wide

The LINC Chess program is expanding to include all five of the Fort Osage School District elementary schools this school year.

Fort Osage may be the only school district in the state where chess is available to all elementary school students. The program is taught either before or after the regular school day.

The five elementary schools are Blue Hills, Buckner, Cler-Mont, Elm Grove and Indian Trails. 

Chess is also being offered to upper grade students, so chess will be available for all interested district students.

LINC historically has had a strong chess program at Blue Hills Elementary, largely to the efforts of LINC site coordinator Ken Lingelbach, who also directs LINC's larger chess program.

LINC has developed its own chess curriculum which teaches students how to play. Each week focuses on a different chess piece, and students are taught chess strategy.

LINC promotes chess as a way to develop discipline, self-control and strategic thinking. Its first chess program started in 1999.

In 2018-19, LINC will offer chess in 46 schools and has four chess tournaments annually where 180 to 200 students play. Players range from kindergartners to high school seniors.

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