LINC Chess Initiative

A LINC Chess student makes her next move.

A LINC Chess student makes her next move.

LINC believes that chess is a great way for children to learn and think strategically. We support active chess clubs in the afterschool program at many LINC Caring Communities sites. Students in LINC chess programs regularly compete in local tournaments. The programs use chess to enhance students' self-confidence, thinking skills and academic achievement.

Click here to see a list and map of current LINC Chess programs.

LINC Chess K-12 Tournaments

All LINC Chess tournaments are FREE to participate, but we require that students be pre-registered via for EACH tournament. Players who are not pre-registered will not be allowed to play in the first round (but can join starting at the second round). 

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Volunteer with LINC Chess

LINC Chess is always looking for volunteers, whether for help at sites, during a tournament, or anywhere in between. Let us know if you're interested.

Parent resources

LINC Chess parents can help their student practice with these series of materials. Download the files below to learn the function of each chess piece with your student.

Chess Board - Introduction

Pawns - Week 1

Rooks - Week 2

Bishops - Week Three

Queen - Week Four

Knights - Week Five

King - Week Six

Castling - Week Seven

Check, checkmate, stalemate - Week Eight

LINC Chess News

Over 200 students play chess at NKC tournament

Over 200 students played chess at the LINC Chess K-12 Tournament Saturday, March 28.

It was a really great chess tournament.

Here are the individual and team results.

Results: LINC Chess Girls Tournament at Border Star Montessori in K.C.P.S.

One hundred and one students fought the snow with their families to play at the LINC Chess Girls Tournament at Border Star Montessori on Saturday, February 28. Photos will be available online at

Students to play during LINC Chess Girls Tournament in K.C.P.S.

Pre-registration is open for the annual LINC Chess Girls Tournament, Saturday, February 28. LINC Chess tournaments are open to any K-12 chess player to participate.  

Results: LINC Chess Winter Tournament Dec. 6, 2014

View the results from the December 6 LINC Chess Winter Tournament at Fire Prairie Upper Elementary. Congratulations to all participants!

LINC in Photos 2014

We again are happy to share this year’s version of LINC in Photos – a montage of images which visually share our impact and presence in the community.

Students develop their chess game this week with LINC Chess Camp

Eighteen students have been playing to improve their chess game this week at LINC Chess Camp at Chouteau Elementary in North Kansas City School District. 

New students and adult volunteers get active with LINC Chess

LINC Chess keeps playing in the summer with LINC Chess Basics and LINC Chess University. Forty new students learn the game of chess while LINC Chess University graduates 12 new instructors. Interested in playing this summer? LINC Chess Camp begins Monday, July 14. 

Results: LINC Chess End of Year tournament at Hickman Mills Jr. High School

Results: LINC Chess End of Year tournament at Hickman Mills Jr. High School Sat., May 3. K-12 students from schools in North Kansas City, KCPS, Grandview, Hickman Mills, Independence,Fort Osage and beyond competed in the tournament this Saturday. 

Students show high LINC Chess tournament participation throughout school year

A high attendance of students have participated in LINC Chess tournaments this school year. View the slideshow to learn more.

Results: LINC Chess K-12 tournament at NKCHS

One hundred and sixty two students competed at the LINC Chess K-12 tournament at North Kansas City High School on Sat., April 5. The next tournament will be the End of Year tournament Sat., May 3 at Hickman Mills Jr. High School.