Results: LINC Chess End of Year Tournament in Hickman Mills

227 students from the Kansas City area competed at the LINC Chess End of Year Tournament at Hickman Mills Freshman Center Saturday, May 9.



1.) Bryan Bergloff-Blue Hills Elementary

2.) Isaac Lainez-Foreign Language Academy

3.) Jon David Blackwell-Border Star Montessori

4.) Ahmya McGee-Allen Village School

5.) Yusuf Ahmed-Chouteau Elementary

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1.) Border Star Montessori

2.) Chouteau Elementary

3.) Blue Hills Elementary

4.) Boone Elementary

5.)  Belvidere Elementary

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1.) Rebecca Winkle-Eastgate Middle School

2.) Ethan Welch-Maple Park Middle School

3.) Kale Wolfe-Border Star Montessori

4.) Michael Collins-Allen Village Schol

5.) Kaiser Jarme-Allen Village School

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1.) Allen Village School

2.) Border Star Montessori

3.) Chouteau Elementary

4.) Adullam Center

5.)  East Antioch

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1.) Jordan Fuller-Raytown High School

2.) Jacob Pryor-Raytown High School

3.) Chance Prosser-Raytown High School

4.) Ian Hunter-Raytown High School

5.) DaVaun Williams-Raytown High School

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1.) Raytown High School

2.) Bingham

3.) Smith-Hale Middle School

4.) Allen Village School

5.) Hickman Mills Freshman Center

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Congratulations to all students. Keep playing chess this summer, registration is now open for LINC Chess Camp and LINC Chess University. Both programs will be held the last week of July from 8 a.m. to noon at Woodland Early Learning Center in Kansas City Public Schools.

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