Parents and students build relationships with Teen FAST

The second class of FAST or Families and Schools Together has graduated from the Teen FAST program at Van Horn High School in Independence. Since 1999, LINC has used the FAST program as part of its Caring Communities initiative. Learn more about LINC's FAST initiative at

The eight-week program helps teenagers connect with their parents and work through issues that may cause problems at home or at school.

Watch the video on Vimeo.

Special thanks to the Family and Community Trust - FACT for its support of FAST in Missouri.

More about Teen FAST

Teen FAST (Families and Schools Together) is a program for high school-aged youth. It includes an 8-week course on building success factors in pre-adult youths in a unique process that encourages development and leadership. In this model, youth recruit a parent or a mentor, and work within the process to create a community of support for their needs. Teen FAST includes an ongoing mutual support community involvement phase where youth meet regularly for two years.

Each parent and family faces unique challenges, and all teens have their own set of concerns. FAST helps kids learn their strengths, and how to build a life plan through a process of interaction. FAST helps teens remove uncertainty and doubt as they build a better future and become leaders. For families of teens with younger siblings, this program helps shape younger kids by demonstrating leadership and building confidence. FAST help teens stay involved in school and ready for their future.

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