Hickman Mills School District shows strong academic improvement

The Hickman Mills C-1 School District showed great progress last school year in their effort to become fully accredited.

In 2013, the district scored 72.5 points out of 140 for a 51.8% rating which was slightly above the level needed for provisional accreditation.

In 2014, that number jumped to 99 out of 140 for a 70.7% rating. The progress has earned the district a full accreditation in Missouri.

The announcement was made at the all-district convocation on Aug. 19.

Congratulations to our partners at the Hickman Mills School District for their hard work and remarkable success!

Watch video of the announcement on Vimeo.

LINC has partnered with the district since 2007 and has 12 LINC Caring Communities sites including two new early childhood development sites, Freda Markley Early Childhood center and Ervin Early Learning Center.

Dr. Dennis Carpenter is the Hickman Mills superintendent.

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