Congratulations to championship bee spellers

LINC wishes to congratulate Kush Sharma from Frontier School of Innovation for winning the 2014 Jackson County Spelling Bell.

Sharma went 28 rounds with Sophia Hoffman from Highland Park Elementary before correctly spelling the winning word: "Definition".

The two spellers met two weeks later after being the final two spellers Feb. 22nd when the contest was called because the judges had run out of words.

Sharma will represent Jackson County at the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C. later in May.

The story of the two students received national and international media attention.

LINC, the Kansas City Public Library, the Mid-Continent Public Library and the Kansas City Federation of Teachers (AFT) were sponsors of the Jackson County Spelling Bee.

LINC supports student participation in the Jackson County Spelling Bee to help students improve their vocabulary and develop correct English usage. Site coordinators in the Before and After School Program worked with students to prepare for their respective division bees earlier this year. 

Download the 2014 Jackson County Spelling Bee program to view a total list of spellers. 

Connect with the Jackson County Spelling Bee on Facebook.

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