Results: LINC Chess Girls Tournament at Holliday Montessori

More than 70 students from the KCMO area participated in the LINC Chess Girls Tournament on Saturday, Feb. 22, at Holliday Montessori in the Kansas City Public Schools.

The K-12 tournament consisted of five rounds of competition ending in a checkmate. Students from Kansas City Public Schools, North Kansas City Public Schools, Independence School District, Fort Osage School District and more competed with each other to build their skills and enjoy the game of chess.

This year, 74 students participated in the tournament; 40 competed in the 2013 Girls Tournament.

Trophies were awarded to 1st-5th place. All players received medals.


1.) Miki Jobe, first grade, Border Star
2.) Cindy Huynh, first grade, Chouteau
3.) Alyssa Sukup third grade, Blue Hills
4.) Arianna Vulcano, third grade, Randall
5.) Josie Miller, third grade, Blue Hills

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1.) Regan Orwick, fourth grade, Blue Hills
2.) Mariah Slaughter, fourth grade, Border Star
3.) Zariah Joy Clemoens fourth grade, Attucks
4.) Rebecca Winkle, fifth grade, Chouteau
5.) Cyniya Hardin, third grade, Attucks

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1.) Raela Thiemann, eighth grade, St. Peter's
2.) Allison Shewmaker, ninth grade, Fort Osage
3.) Jasmine Bomar, ninth grade, North Kansas City
4.) Elizabeth Little, eleventh grade, North Kansas City

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Congratulations to all players!

View more photos from the event.

Coming up

Pre-registration is now open at for the North Kansas City K-12 Tournament at North Kansas City High School on Sat., Apr. 5 which is available for both boys and girls. Visit the LINC Chess Facebook page for updates.


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