Community service project renovates Truman High School

Truman High School went through renovation work June 17 -June 20 when volunteers and businesses came together as part of a LINC-coordinated community service project.

A total of 50 volunteers from Nebraska and the Independence area worked alongside school custodians to paint, lay flooring, replace ceiling tiles, floorboards and refinishing cabinets and counter tops. Volunteers also worked planting, weeding, and removing dead trees on the school grounds.

A professional contractor, cabinet maker and counter-top specialist also volunteered during the renovations.

A new lesson prep room for teachers is now available. The volunteers converted a room being used for storing textbooks by replacing old carpet, ceiling tiles, cabinets and counter tops and laying new flooring and repainting the room. The service project also included the repainting an office and deep cleaning classrooms.

The sports fields behind the school received four new shade trees as a result. The volunteers also removed three dead trees, picked up trash, weeded and mulched the school grounds.

Support for the community service projected came from the volunteers from Soul Search Movement church and Noland Road Baptist Church in Independence, Arbor Drive Community Church in York, Nebraska and Stromsburg Baptist Church in Stromsburg, Nebraska.

Roberts' Nursery gave 30 percent off the new trees and the Independence Home Depot took 10 percent off all supplies used for the project.

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