June 21 keeps children active with Summer Learning Day

On June 21 schools, libraries, parents and more will share how their children are making their summer count with Summer Learning Day

Summer Learning Day, June 21,  is a national event designed to connect children with learning opportunities through out the summer. On June 21, add your summer learning event to the national map and see what opportunities are occurring locally now and throughout the summer.

Participate In Summer Learning Day events all summer long online and in person. Connect with participants across the country using Twitter hashtags #SLD2013 and #SummerLearning to share your summer learning events and ideas.

Get your child ready for the school year and engaged all summer with summer learning events, ideas include: host an art fair to showcase student work, organize a student concert or live performance, host a 'reading scavenger hunt' event to keep kids reading.

Utilize local community organizations for summer learning events: partner with a zoo, local farm, or  Department of Natural Resources to teach children the importance of protecting wildlife. Organize a Career Day with local businesses.

Brianstorm and share your summer learning activities on June 21 to help children stay active, engaged and learn all summer.

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