Educare celebrates at End of Year Gala

LINC Educare providers celebrated another year with a day of free jazz and workshops on June 8.

Held at the Kauffman Foundation, the Educare End of Year Event  explored the topic of  "Nourishing the Whole Child" with workshops on Brian Development, The Goal of Misbehavior, and Child-Adult Relationship Enhancement and more. The keynote address "Creating a Caring Culture" delivered by Daniel Weddle, University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law, a former high school teacher and administrator who focuses on educational law.

The event gave Educare providers the opportunity to connect with representatives from Kaplan, Coco Key, AARP, Samuel Rodgers Health Center and COMBAT along with attending workshops conducted by chid care authors, organizations and professionals  such as "The Goal of Misbehavior" by Dacia Moore, author of Why Are So Many Students So Angry?, "Mind on the Matter" by Jeff Menzise, author of Dumbin' Down, "I Am Learning, I Am Moving: Moving with the Brain in Mind" by The Family Conservancy and more.

Educare is a LINC initiative coordinated by Dorthea Kelly and LaChandra Calhoun to train child care providers in infant first-aid and CPR, child development, behavior problems and more by holding workshops throughout the year to produce better parents, teachers and professionals.

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