Residents respond to Health Care Foundation survey

KCMO residents have the opportunity to be a part of feedback concerning the oral/dental health system in the area.

Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City is conducting a survey to determine the area oral health needs, how these needs are being met and how to expand on approaching these needs.

Three survey participants will receive a 100 dollar gift card towards oral health patient educational materials.   

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A discussion of current health care issues was held by a focus group of 25 adults at Attucks Elementary on October 29 discussed the limits of current health care.

Three of the 25 person group were senior citizens who expressed that, though they are under Medicare, they have to pay more out of pocket to cover dental issues including dentures and additional necessary oral exams.    

Employment status also affected the health care of the focus group. Children of working parents had insurance coverage while the adults were uninsured and had to pay for out of pocket costs. Self-employed adults provided insurance for their children while they remained uninsured through medicaid.

"The group expressed that they felt that they were robbing Paul to pay Peter, and Peter's tired," said Jamie Braden, LINC Site Coordinator.

"The overall request is A: more resources to be made provided to the mid-town community and B: Also need a better health forum. Doctors have you wait all day to get an appointment and then it's in-and-out."

The Health Care Foundation survey is anonymous and takes approximately 5-7 minutes to complete. Participants have until Friday, November 8 to complete the survey.

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