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'An exceptional young man' lost to gun violence in Center, LINC community

Brian Bartlett was eight years old, just days away from starting the fourth grade at Center Elementary School and LINC’s Caring Communities after-school program.

The child was killed as he slept Saturday night, Aug. 10, when a barrage of gunfire ripped through his family’s house in the 8300 block of Tracy Avenue. His mother was wounded. Investigators still have no suspect information or know of any motive for the shooting, police said.

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Kansas City Public Schools wins national award for efforts to combat evictions

The Kansas City Public Schools’ unique partnership with determined researchers and lawyers to help rescue district families from evictions earned national recognition this week.

KCPS won the 2019 Research and Assessment Leadership Award awarded by the Council of the Great City Schools.

The school district partnered with LINC, the Kansas City Eviction Project and Legal Aid of Western Missouri in creating data tools to alert school officials where district families were vulnerable and in danger of eviction.

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Fake genetic test scheme seeks Medicaid, Medicare information for identity theft

State officials are warning service providers of a genetic testing scheme happening in many states, including Missouri.

Scammers are offering individuals cheek swabs claiming it is for genetic testing, but their intent is to obtain Medicare or Medicaid information for identify theft or fraudulent billing purposes. Fraudsters are targeting beneficiaries through door-to-door visits, booths at public events, health fairs, and telemarketing calls.

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