Black History 2018

LINC along with its partners the Kansas City Public Library and the Black Archives of Mid-America is again pleased to produce and share its annual Black History educational poster set and booklets.

Copies of the booklets and posters will be available in late January 2017 at the LINC Main Office, LINC Caring Communities sites, the Kansas City Public Library, the Black Archives of Mid-America and some branches of Mid-Continent Public Library.

2018 Kansas City Black History 

Dedicated educators and gifted musicians. A caring public housing servant. A trailblazing police officer. The seven African-Americans celebrated in this year’s Black History edition left indelible imprints on Kansas City and the surrounding region, breaking down barriers, lifting and inspiring entire communities.

The honorees include one of the most eminent figures in the city’s African-American history, Joelouis Mattox, who devoted much of his life to researching, preserving, and promoting that history. A man whose contributions and influence transcended geographic and cultural lines, he was proclaimed “a treasure” by former Kansas City Councilwoman Sharon Sanders Brooks when he died in March 2017.

Mattox’s devotion to community, to enriching the lives of others, is shared by all who are spotlighted

Limited quantities of posters and booklets are available in print, all are available for download below.

Download the 2018 Booklet


Download the 2018 Posters


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Learn Their Stories

Visit to learn more about the individuals featured in this and prior years Black History Project.