Twitter chat to tackle the question: How to reduce chronic absence, improve reading?

Photo by Campaign for Grade Level Reading

Photo by Campaign for Grade Level Reading


The Campaign for Grade-Level Reading, Attendance Works and Foundations, Inc. are hosting an interactive Twitter chat on what schools and communities can do to reduce chronic absence this school year.

The conversation will happen Aug. 21 from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. on Twitter by joining @attendanceworks @readingby3rd @foundations_inc.

Approximately 8 million students are at risk academically each year because they are chronically absent —missing 10 percent or more of school days due to absence for any reason — excused, unexcused and suspensions.

The online forum will discuss how partners in education can start off the school year with best practices, resources, and approaches to develop a welcoming school environment that welcomes all students and families and improves attendance.

Hashtags for the event are #SchoolEveryDay #GLReading.

Here are some questions to think about in advance of the chat on how creating a welcoming environment at the start of the school year can improve student reading, achievement & attendance:

  • What is the impact of chronic absenteeism on students' academic achievement and success?

  • What are you doing to inform families about attendance priorities at the start of school?

  • Attendance improves when a school offers a warm & supportive environment. Tell us how you are planning to ensure all students feel welcomed.

  • How do you engage families, particularly of younger students, around the importance of strong attendance?

  • What are you doing to encourage community organizations and businesses to help kids develop good attendance habits?

  • As you dig into your chronic absence data from last year, did anything surprise you? What trends are you seeing related to Ss groups or attendance barriers?

  • How do your out-of-school time/after-school programs partner with schools to support and reinforce good attendance habits?

  • What advice do you have for others working to support students this school year to reduce chronic absenteeism?

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