Learn chess or learn to teach it. LINC's free summer programs open to all

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You know that look on children’s faces when they realize they know the moves? When chess suddenly makes beautiful sense?

“You see how their face glows,” said Ken Lingelbach, director of LINC’s chess programs. “It’s a joy.”

Get ready. This summer LINC Chess wants you to help spread that joy.

Whether you have a child who is eager to learn more, or you want to learn how to teach the game — even if it’s just to your own children — there is a program for you.

LINC Chess is offering a summer camp for children who want to enhance their game, and a chess university for adults who want to be able to teach children. Both are free.

Register for Chess Camp and University

You don’t have to be an expert, Lingelbach said. You only have to be good with kids.

“If you can work with kids, we can teach you the chess,” he said.

Chess Camp and Chess University run side-by-side July 15-25, Monday through Thursday each week, at Genesis School, 3800 E. 44th Street in Kansas City. There will be two sessions each day to choose from — 9 a.m. to noon, or 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Chess Camp is geared toward children who have already participated in at least one of LINC’s chess tournaments and who want to advance their game, Lingelbach said.

Chess University would be ideal for parents who want to be able to teach the game to their children and for school staffers who want to be able to help tutor children learning chess in after-school and summer school programs.

LINC continues to offer chess for all grades, beginners to advanced, at its 47 school sites in the regular school year and at its summer school sites.

Lingelbach figures some 9,000 children have been involved in LINC’s chess programs over the past two decades.

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