American Public Square tackles affordable housing: Making the numbers work

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American Public Square waded into the social dynamics and economics around Kansas City’s pressing needs for affordable housing in an October forum at William Jewell College.

A podcast of the discussion is available here. The fact sheet that accompanied it is available here.

There is agreement that Kansas City is generally an affordable place to live — however, it is short on affordably priced properties vis-à-vis the need.

How are the tax credits, zoning and development policies that are being put in place addressing social needs?

Is it possible – or even reasonable – to attract prospective owners and tenants from varying socio-economic segments to the same neighborhoods?

The panelists who tackled these questions were consultant Amy Hartsfield, a certified Myers-Briggs Type Inventory administrator and interpreter; Doug M. Price, owner of Price Brothers, specializing in office and retail mixed-use developments; Jennifer Tidwell, the section manager of the Kansas City, Missouri Neighborhoods and Housing Services Department; and Brennan Crawford, executive director and CEO of Community Housing of Wyandotte County.

Colleen Hernandez, who works with the Urban Neighborhood Initiative and KC Tenants, served as moderator, and Eric Nelson of The Kansas City Star served as the roving reporter.

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