Do you know a caregiver deserving of recognition? Let us know.


Jim Nunnelly, a long-time community activist and one of the early architects in shaping LINC’s Caring Communities, is asking the community’s help identifying caregivers throughout our neighborhoods.

“Think of someone giving care on a volunteer basis,” Nunnelly said at the LINC Commission Meeting Sept. 23. “That willingness to be somebody who’s always there.”

“I want to honor all these people.”

LINC is providing a private online Google Form to gather nominations of deserving caregivers.

Nunnelly and his wife, Janice, will be gathering caregivers to the Gregg/Klice Community Center Nov. 2 where they will be recognized and get to participate in a forum with policy leaders and social service agencies to talk about concerns with our health care system and policies.

The Nunnellys’ radio show inspired their desire to honor volunteer caregivers.

The Nunnellys’ radio show inspired their desire to honor volunteer caregivers.

Nunnelly wants to get in contact with people who are sacrificing their time and energy to care for someone — a relative, or a neighbor — where there is extraordinary need because of illness or disability or other such circumstances. It can be an adult caring for another adult, or an adult caring for a high-need child.

The Nunnellys’ admiration for caregivers has grown weekly as they have hosted their weekly radio forum — Plain Talk about Diabetes — on 1590am every Monday at 1 p.m.

“It has connected us with so much knowledge of the health care system,” he said.

Click here to access the Google Form and nominate a caregiver.

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