Video: LINC sends 13 staff to Community Schools National Forum

The Coalition for Community Schools held the 2018 National Forum in Baltimore, Maryland on May 2-4. LINC has been a long time partner with the Coalition beginning by hosting the first National Forum in Kansas City. This year's Forum hosted over 1,900 people from around the nation.

Thirteen LINC Site Coordinators, Supervisors and staff attended the event. They also were able to visit with Marty Blank, former director of the Coalition for Community Schools and the Institute for Educational Leadership. Blank was instrumental in helping LINC Caring Communities become a fixture in schools by supporting children, families and neighborhoods in the Kansas City, Missouri area.

Watch the Video on Vimeo.

A rejuvenating experience for LINC Site Coordinators, the Forum represents hope and possibility in the midst of the challenges community organizations face. It draws a diverse set of people - community schools practitioners, families, youth, non-profit leaders, policy makers, program leaders, and many others. Truly a cross-sector convening, the Forum is a unique venue for participants to learn new skills, build new relationships, and go home with the tools and inspiration to increase equity and opportunity through community schools.

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