Superintendent Bedell outlines strategic plan for KCPS

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Superintendent of the Kansas City Public Schools Dr. Mark Bedell presented to the LINC Commission the district's strategic four pillar plan to improve student achievement and outcomes.

Download the 4 Page Strategic Plan

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"Our improvement work has only just begun. We have an excellent plan in hand. Now we need to carry it through relentlessly and with fidelity. As superintendent, I expect our Board and the community to hold us accountable for ensuring that the work gets done. I also welcome the ongoing commitment of our stakeholders to support us as we achieve those ends. One of the best possible outcomes of any strategic plan has already started to happen as a result of this process: the growing awareness that our school system functions as an integral part of our community. With that in mind, I am excited to join with you as we move forward together. We’re built for this, and we will achieve greatness." Dr. Mark Bedell.

Watch his presentation on Vimeo.

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