LINC celebrates 25 years

The Local Investment Commission (LINC) briefly observed its 25th anniversary during its November board meeting with comments from LINC Founder Bert Berkley. Cake was served.

The initial meeting of the LINC Commission was held Nov. 16, 1992, at a Chinese restaurant in south Kansas City.

That evening Berkley gave a speech outlining his hopes and ambitions for the newly formed organization.

That evening Berkley commented:

"There has to be change. LINC can be the bridge. We can be the vehicle that educates this community to the importance of change. We can create that climate. And that climate is essential, if we are going to get our job done."

In addition to Berkley, other current LINC Commissioners who were present on the initial board include Rosemary Smith Lowe, SuEllen Fried, Anita Gorman and Jack Craft.





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