LINC staff help infant struggling to breathe

Fiona Island

Fiona Island

Quick-acting staff at a Family Support Division Kansas City location helped resuscitate a seven-day-old baby who was struggling to breathe and starting to turn blue.

The incident occurred at the Woodland Early Learning Center, where the Family Support Division, the Children’s Division and the Local Investment Commission share co-located space on the second floor of the school located in northwest Kansas City, Mo.

The young mother was visiting the FSD office to apply for food stamps and noticed her young child was struggling to breathe and asked for help.

The mother and child were taken to the LINCWorks office, where staff provided quick assistance.

Michael Coram

Michael Coram

Fiona Island, LINCWorks case manager, administered infant CPR and cleared the airway for the child while her colleague Michael Coram directed arriving paramedics to the second floor office.

Irene Manning, a parent engagement specialist with Mattie Rhodes, translated for the anxious mother, who spoke Spanish.

The mother and child were transported to Children’s Mercy Hospital for follow up and were reported to be doing well.

The incident shows the importance of having well-trained staff able to administer CPR and the benefits of co-located staff able to assist.


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