Martin City students win 1,000 dollars for student-produced video

Fourth and fifth grade LINC students at Martin City K-8 in Grandview School District have won 500 dollars in prize money after submitting a video to the annual Missouri Afterschool Network contest. 

The student-produced video placed second in the Elementary age category and second overall. In addition, Martin City Middle School LINC students placed first in the Intermediate age category, earning a total of 1,000 dollars. 

This year the committee awarded 500 dollars to the top two video entries in each category. 

In the past, students have used the money for field trips during their after school program hours. 

The video was student-produced during the LINC Before & After School program at Martin City, led by LINC Site Coordinator Melissa Paige, in partnership with 4-H leader Isha Williams.

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Students in the Martin City LINC Caring Communities after school program worked on a video contest for the Missouri Afterschool Network.

The annual contest asks for student-produced videos for all grade levels.

This year's theme is “Afterschool Works!”  The videos should show how afterschool programs work by keeping youth safe, helping working families and inspiring learning.

The Martin City students worked with 4-H leader Isha Williams, who leads after-school sessions on film making, videography, and music recording.

The students submitted two different videos. The fourth and fifth grade students wrote their own lyrics and the music beat track. The middle school students worked on a documentary.

First-place winners at each grade level win a $500 prize.

The Martin City middle school students won the 2014 video contest with this video based on the theme Follow Me to Afterschool.

Melissa Paige is the LINC site coordinator. Johnny Dodge is the principal.

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