KCMO takes four-pronged approach to support overall community health

City of Kansas City is approaching to improve the community of Kansas City,  Mo. in an effort to enrich the lives of minority residents who live in Kansas City communities.

The approach targets the four key areas of Peace, Health Care, Prosperity, Well-Being.

Local initiatives such as Aim4Peace, Next Step KC, LINC, Turn the Page KC, mobile food projects, and more have worked to improve the lives of Kansas City residents and have reduced crime as a result. 

The video was part of a larger submission for the 2015 Robert Wood Johnson Culture of Health Prize.

After a 2000 Minority Health Indicator report identified that where you live can impact how long you may live, Kansas City collaborated to find new paths for our residents to choose to live a longer healthier life.

Focusing on the social determinates of health and recruiting all sectors to help build a healthier Kansas City. We are changing our culture of health one child, one family, one neighborhood at a time.

View the City's video below or on YouTube

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