Results: LINC Chess Girls Tournament at Border Star Montessori in K.C.P.S.

One hundred and one students competed four rounds during the LINC Chess Girls Tournament in Kansas City Public Schools Saturday, February 28.

Students from K.C.P.S., Independence School District, Grandview School District, North Kansas City School District, and more fought the snow to play in the tournament today. The tournament ended after the fourth instead of the fifth round in response to the increasing inclement weather.

Border Star parent, Gregory Theobald, expressed interest in his student participating in LINC Chess.

"She has grown immensely," said Theobald. "The coach she has teaches competition collaboration, and good sportsmanship. She really wanted to win today and she did."

Edwina Graham, chess coach at Border Star Montessori for ten years, works with students throughout the school week to prepare students for tournaments and improve their chess game.

"I see their drive and it keeps me going," said Graham. "I have so many kids that have grown and improved-seeing my kids grow from the beginning of the school year to now is really wonderful."

The next LINC Chess tournament will be the LINC Chess K-12 Tournament at North Kansas City High School Saturday, March 28. For updates, connect with LINC Chess online at



1.) Maya Theobald, Border Star Montessori

2.)Cindy Huynh, Chouteau Elementary

3.) Nyah Booker, Border Star Montessori

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1.) Ariella Fiagan, Border Star Montessori

2.) Mariah Slaughter, Border Star Montessori

3.) McKenna David, East Antioch Elementary

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1.) Rebecca Winkle, Chouteau Elementary

2.) Rae Thiemann, Shawnee Mission East High School

3.) Elizabeth Little, North Kansas City High School

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