Woodland Site Council to install Born Learning Trail on site

As a supportive effort of Kansas City Public Schools, United Way, and the Local Investment Commission, Woodland Site Council will install a Born Learning Trail for the Woodland community Sat., March 22. 

Born Learning, a part of United Way of Greater Kansas City, is a program designed to assist parents and caregivers in early childhood education by providing tips and tools which will help create legitimate learn opportunities for children. 

Born Learning KC Trail is a fun, interactive outdoor area with 10 games adults and children can play together.  Activities include Watch! Stop! Play! to build a child's curiosity, Look! Learn! Laugh! encourages caregivers to giver their child positive attention, and Hop! Toss! Shake! Wiggle! to improve a child's gross motor skills.  

To learn more, contact Jeff Hill, LINC Site Coordinator, at (913) 735-5235 or jhill@kclinc.org 

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