Results: LINC Chess Winter Tournament Dec. 6, 2014

Two hundred and twenty seven students participated in the LINC Chess Winter Tournament Saturday, December 6. Seventy two schools were represented at Fire Prairie Upper Elementary in Fort Osage School District. Students competed a total of five rounds during the tournament.

Individual results

K-3 Individual

1.) Eli Davis, Border Star Montessori

2.) Brandon Lanear, Matthews Elementary

3.) Nyah Booker, Border Star Montessori

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K-6 Individual

1.) Rebecca Winkle, East Gate Middle School

2.) Ethan Welch, Maple Park Middle School

3.) Nicolas Ward, Maple Park Middle School

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K-12 Individual

1.) Da'vaun Williams, Raytown High School

2.) Raela Thiemann, Shawnee Mission East

3.) Jayden Francois, Frontier School of Innovation

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Team results

K-3 Teams

1.) Border Star Montessori

2.) Chouteau Elementary

3.) Boone Elementary

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K-6 Teams

1.) Allen Village School

2.) Fire Prairie Middle School

3.) Maple Park Middle School

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K-12 Teams

1.) Raytown High School

2.) North Kansas City High School

3.) Bingham High School

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