Hickman Mills recognized by U.S. Department of Education for improvement

The Hickman Mills School District has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Education for its success in improving student performance.

The department featured the district in a profile outlining the district's strategies for success including community involvement and serious attention to research.

The profile focuses on Hickman Mills' development of a district-wide pre-K program:

At Hickman Mills, they decided to remodel an unused school building and dedicate it to a kindergarten and preschool. Because they are using a district-wide model, Title I funds are used to pay for a preschool program that is available to every family in the district regardless of income. The staff is working as a team to develop an end-of-kindergarten checklist so that all students who leave the building to go to first grade are on track for success.

LINC provides child, family and neighborhood supportive services at 12 schools in the Hickman Mills district including the Ervin Early Learning Center and Freda Markley Early Childhood Center.

Dennis Carpenter is the district superintendent.

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