National Alliance of Black School Educators visits A.C.C.P.A. in Kansas City Public Schools

National Alliance of Black School Educators (N.A.B.S.E.) were welcomed by African-Centered College Preparatory Academy (A.C.C.P.A.) teachers, staff, and students Wed., November 19 with performances in the auditorium and south campus gymnasium.

“It’s a time for the school to come together,” said Naisa, 10th grade representative. “I’m looking forward to the choir performing.”

Naisa was one of the students selected to give a school tour to the N.A.B.S.E. members, each grade level had a representative.

Kansas City was selected by N.A.B.S.E. members to host a tour visit, according to Principal Dr. Carl Robinson, because of the urban setting and the environment of supporting Nguzo Saba, the seven principles of Kwanzaa.  

The tour gave N.A.B.S.E. members a chance to see firsthand a college preparatory academy with an Afrocentric approach in a school setting.

“It’s a holistic approach,” Dr. Robinson said.  

Janis Bankston, A.C.C.P.A. LINC Site Supervisor, prepared the student representatives to greet N.A.B.S.E. visitors.

“LINC’s involvement is in the whole school,” Bankston said. "We work with the young people to build leadership and boost self-esteem and people skills. LINC also provides social services for parents and the community."

“My expectations have been blown away,” said N.A.B.S.E. member Brian Simmons, Lankage Coordinator, from Cleveland. “It’s fantastic, the kids appear to be engaged and respectful. Just looking at the school, compared to the schools I work in, the parent involvement is great. There’s a great family atmosphere.”

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