Kansas City organizations take approach to crime prevention

In the upcoming months, at least four local initiatives are engaging with the community in the effort of crime prevention in Kansas City, Mo.
Beginning Sept. 21, Aim4Peace Peace Week 2013 will hold one week of four events in three neighborhoods. The events are:

    •    Sat., Sept. 21: Walk4Life, Central Academy of Excellence Track & Field, 12 pm – 5pm  
    •    Tue., Sept. 24: Conflict Mediation Workshops, Lindwood YMCA, 6 pm – 7pm
    •    Thur., Sept. 26: Featured Movie: The Interrupters, Jamison Memorial Temple, 5 pm – 8:30 pm
    •    Sat., Sept. 28: Day of Dignity, Al Inshirah Islamic Center, 10 am – 3 pm

LISC, Aim4Peace, KCNoVa and Kansas City United Against Crime are just some of the local organizations that work to combat crime in Kansas City, Mo. through education and community engagement.

LISC (Local Initiative Support Corporation) works to transform targeted neighborhoods into sustainable communities through partnerships with local organizations. Criminals in Kansas City are now given a choice with the assistance of LISC’s partnership with KCNoVa (Kansas City No Violence Alliance).  

KCNoVA prevents criminals and potential criminals with a social network of “focused deterrence”, an approach which combines community residents and law enforcement to work together to share information on specific offenders and associated groups. Since April, KCNoVa has conducted four call-in events to offer assistance to those who are on the social networks, 25 percent have signed up to receive social services.

Aim4Peace is an organizational approach to reduce shootings and homicides in Kansas City, Mo. “Violence interrupters” and various outreach staff work to reduce gun violence by approaching potential violators before they commit violence. Aim4Peace targets neighborhood factors that are most often contributing to violent crime or at risk of becoming offenders because of their living environment or employment status.

Kansas City United Against Crime is a local initiative to approach crime in Kansas City, Mo. through strengthening the relationships between the community and local law enforcement. Kansas City Police Department from the six patrol divisions are working with Kansas City United Against Crime during the month of October for Crime Prevention Month to speak with families about crime prevention methods at community engagements throughout the month.

To learn more about Peace Week call 816-513-7902 or download the flyer here.

Learn more about Kansas City United Against Crime's October Crime Prevention Month or visit their Facebook page.


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