LINC Chess Instructor Resources

The following resources are used by the LINC Chess program.

For more information, contact Ken Lingelbach, 816-719-2516.

Teaching Resources

Updated 9/12/2014

LINC Chess Student Workbook (PDF, 7M)

Student Pre-Post Test (PDF, 5M)

Updated 8/27/2012

Lesson List (PDF, 170K)

Supplemental materials (

Recruitment Resources

LINC Chess Information Booklet (PDF, 600kb)

Online Class Reporting Form

This quick form neeeds to be completed for each class session taught.
This form will also be used for determining payment due.

Online class form

Map of LINC Chess Sites

Click here for a list and map of LINC Chess sites.

LINC Chess certificates

Click the picture of the certificate you would like to download. All certificates are Publisher 2010 documents.