Students who miss fewer than five days each semester:    • Have higher academic achievement    • Build stronger relationships    • Are prepared for success in life

Students who miss fewer than five days each semester:

• Have higher academic achievement

• Build stronger relationships

• Are prepared for success in life

LINC’s Guide to School Enrollment

Documents you will need to enroll in school:

Click here for information on enrolling in the LINC program only.

Proof of residency

  • Parent or guardian’s photo identification

  • One proof that can be either a valid property deed, current real estate tax receipt, mortgage statement or signed lease agreement.

  • A second proof that can be either a current utility bill (electric, water or gas, no shutoff notices accepted), personal property tax receipt, homeowner or rental insurance policy, social services or social security statement, paycheck stub, bank statement.

Child’s birth certificate

Need to obtain a copy? Contact vital records department in state or county of the child’s birth.

Immunization records

Contact child’s pediatrician or local health clinic, or previous school if changing districts for a current record. If no records have been kept, child may need to be re-immunized.

Other information schools will request:

School history

List schools attended and grades completed. Your new school will contact previous schools to obtain report card/transcript information.

Emergency contact information

Districts will want phone numbers for at least two and up to four adults. They will want the names and relationships of any adults who you give authority to pick up your child from school.

Disciplinary history

You will be asked if your child has ever been suspended more than 10 days. Or if your child is currently on suspension or expelled. You will be asked if your child has ever been convicted or charged with a crime in adult or juvenile court. This complies with the Missouri Safe Schools Act.

Medical history and medications

  • Schools will request contact information if your child has a primary doctor and dentist.

  • Be ready to provide lists of any medications currently being taken by the child and any special medical accommodations.

  • Schools will ask for medical history such as allergies, asthma, diabetes, seizure disorders, vision and hearing conditions.

Language history

Schools will want to know your child’s primary language and the language spoken at home.


Is your child living in a residence with a parent or guardian, or in foster care, or is the family sharing a residence or living in a shelter, motel or other temporary condition?

Special education history

Schools will ask if your child has secured special accommodations through an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), 504 plan or been identified as gifted.

What school district am I in? School district boundary maps:

Jackson County school districts boundary map: (On the map, KC=Kansas City Public Schools; IN=Independence; 58=Center; C1=Hickman Mills; C2=Raytown; C4=Grandview; R1=Fort Osage; R4=Blue Springs; R7=Lee’s Summit)

North KC Schools boundary map:

Park Hill map:

Liberty map:

District and charter enrollment sites

Kansas City Public Schools
2901 Troost Ave. Kansas City, MO 64109, 816-418-7000

Genesis Charter School
3800 East 44th Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64130, 816-921-0775

Lee A. Tolbert Academy charter school
3400 Martin Luther King Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64109, 816-561-0114

Public charter schools joint application site

Center School District
8701 Holmes Road Kansas City, MO 64131, 816-349-3300

Fort Osage School District
2101 N. Twyman Road , Independence, MO 64058, 816-650-7000

Grandview School District
13015 10th Street, Grandview, MO 64030, 816-316-5000

Hickman Mills School District
5401 E. 103rd St. Kansas City, MO 64137, 816-316-7000

Independence School District
201 N Forest Ave, Independence, MO 64050, 816-521-5300

North Kansas City Schools
2000 NE 46th St.Kansas City, MO 64116, 816-321-5000