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LINC In Photos 2015

We are happy to share this year's LINC in Photos — a visual representation of LINC's impact and presence in the community. LINC in Photos 2015 is dedicated to LINC Chairman Emeritus Landon Rowland, who passed away on Monday, Dec. 28, 2015.

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LINC in Photos 2014

We again are happy to share this year’s version of LINC in Photos – a montage of images which visually share our impact and presence in the community.

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LINC and LINCWorks staff recognized for community works

Roosevelt Dickerson, LINC Site Coordinator in K.C.P.S., and Carolyn Bruce-Hill and Lindsay Smith, LINC Works Case Managers, are being recognized this month for their efforts to the community. LINC and LINC Works as whole continue to provide support to area families and communities.

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