About LINC Data

LINC helps the community "see" itself by producing maps showing need or other community data: public assistance, child welfare, health care providers and other community services. LINC helps provide the public information.

LINC helps non-profit and community-based providers better understand and use technology, and in doing so, reduces the digital divide that can separate not only individuals but small organizations.

From the outset, LINC used data to help design, build and monitor its very successful welfare-to-work system. This same approach has been used in LINC's other major initiatives.

The data system supports planning and service delivery, promotes accountability, and helps volunteers monitor outcomes.

21st Century Community Learning Center Evaluations

LINC offers a concentration of STEM activities in three school districts through the 21st Century Community Learning Centers (21CCLC) grant. The programs at the 21CCLC are evaluated annually for student efficacy in math, reading and science and the correlation of program participation. The independent evaluations are share for each cohort, or group schools starting the same year.

View 21CCLC Evaluations

Summer Reading Evaluation

This is an important independent evaluation of 2013 summer reading efforts done by the Kansas City Area Research Consortium. The report was support by Turn the Page KC. The study involved school districts and public libraries sharing information to determine if summer reading efforts could mitigated against the documented summer reading slide.

MO Kids Count

This is a presentation from a training on how to use Kids Count data and the opportunities in Missouri to get access to county-level data.


LINC regularly produces data maps for Jackson, Clay and Platte counties and the state of Missouri highlighting demographic and socio-economic data that is important to a fuller understanding of our community. These maps reflect both our organizational interests and our work.

Mapping Our Community - A Look at Seniors

This special map booklet focuses on those in our community who are seniors, primarily 65 and older. These seniors can be active and working, infirmed and frail, owning a home or looking to relocate and downsize. These maps – focusing primarily on Jackson, Clay and Platte counties – show an amazing degree of variability, surprises one might not expect, and in some instances new confirmation of long-standing trends.

These maps utilize the wealth of data from the U.S. Census Bureau American Community Survey which is conducted every year to provide up-to-date information about the social and economic needs of communities.

Mapping our Demographics

LINC has produced a series of new community maps showing poverty, school-aged children and demographics by area school district.