2016 KIDS COUNT data book announced

The Family and Community Trust (FACT) will release the KIDS COUNT 2016 data book on Tuesday, April 5 in Columbia, MO. 

The data book will be available at: MOKidsCount.org

The new databook shows that more than one in five children in Missouri, 21.3% or nearly 289,000, live in poverty, representing a 1.4% increase in child poverty from 2010 to 2014. However, other indicators helpful in predicting poverty are nudging upward. Births to mothers without a high school diploma, a reliable predictor of persistent poverty, has improved in Missouri, with the percent of children born to such moms decreasing from approximately 17% to slightly less than 14%. The report provides an annual, state and county-level analysis of child well-being measuring indicators of Economic Security, Child Protection and Safety, Education and Health.
“The well-being of Missouri’s children and families frames the core of our work,” said Bill Dent, FACT Executive Director. “The ability of our Community Partnerships and other child focused organizations to have relevant, reliable data is critical for them to be successful in their efforts. All of this helps communities better prioritize issues and develop practical initiatives to ensure that children are healthy, secure and prepared to flourish as they mature.” 

Additional new data sets will be added to the MKC Databook in the future to support changes in the way data are collected, and to continue show an accurate description of child well-being in Missouri.

Missouri KIDS COUNT is an initiative of The FACT, a long standing organization with a commitment to improving child well-being in Missouri. The FACT is made up of a public-private board and 20 Community Partnerships working across Missouri on programs aiming to improve family and child outcomes. The FACT is in its third year as the Annie E. Casey Foundation KIDS COUNT grantee in Missouri, and the 2016 Release of the MKC Databook is the first as that affiliation.

The 2016 Release of the MKC Databook was produced in partnership with the Office of Social and Economic Data Analysis (OSEDA), the Children’s Trust Fund (CTF) and the Center for Family Policy and Research at the University of Missouri.

For more information or to download the full 2016 Release of the MKC Databook visit mokidscount.org

The Family and Community Trust (FACT) is a non-profit organization supporting 20 community partnerships around the state whose  mission is to find solutions to improve the lives of families and children in their communities. LINC is the community partnership for the Kansas City area. 


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