Child Care Options

LINC will offer before- and after-school child care only 4 days a week during the 2017-18 school year in the Hickman Mills school district.

Many families will need to make child care arrangements for the one day the LINC program is not offered.

We recognize that practical options will depend on the availability of transportation, affordability, work schedules, and other considerations.

Below are some community resources and ideas to help families.

Child Care Aware

Child Care Aware is a regional resource that helps find locate child care.

Find options online or by calling a referral specialist at 1-866-892-3228.

The map below provides some potential options for child care based. Click on a map marker to get details about the child care provider including phone and email.

The map is a listing of existing child care providers.

Space availability will involve contacting the provider directly.


Family or Neighborhood Care

Some families are making arrangements with family members or neighbors who can provide care after school until adults can be at home.

We will continue to add resources, ideas and information as we become aware of options available for one-day child care in south Kansas City.