LINC will provide Summer School programs at 17 KCPS sites this summer.  Certified teachers will provide seven hours of instruction in reading and math each day.

KCPS will provide training around the curriculum for the certified teachers and site coordinators. LINC will make the curriculum materials available to the teachers and LINC staff as needed.

Summer Learning Standards

The summer curriculum has been designed by the Kansas City Public Schools to meet elementary Missouri Learning Standards for Grades 1-6.

Download the standards



Reading curriculum packets for grade levels 1-6 are available below.  Files are PDF, formatted for double-sided printing.

Kindergarden ELA/SS

Kindergarten resources
Compressed ZIP files include multiple PDF files. Week 1 is split into two parts due to size.
Week 1a
Week 1b
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6

Grade 1
1st Grade ELA/SS
1st Grade ELA

Grade 2
2nd Grade ELA/SS
2nd Grade ELA

Grade 3
3rd Grade ELA/SS
3rd Grade ELA

Grade 4
4th Grade ELA/SS
4th Grade ELA

Grade 5
5th Grade ELA/SS
5th Grade ELA

Grade 6
6th Grade ELA/SS
6th Grade ELA

Summarization Pyramid
Teachers may find the Summarization Pyramid sheet useful.  This example is taken from the 3rd Grade ELA/SS packet.