Caring Communities Community Organizer

These positions are available in the Independence School District

Job Description


  • Develop “community schools” strategy through organizing parents, families and neighborhoods in general support of school/neighborhood site plans.
  • Design and develop the delivery of services and supports for children, families, and neighborhood as determined through an inclusive planning process.
  • Work collaboratively with all parties to assure coordinated and effective delivery of services to promote strong families, stable neighborhoods and greater civic engagement.
  • Understand and implement a neighborhood-focused “community school” using the general approach outlined in the Coalition for Community Schools “Scaling Up School and Community Partnerships: The Community Schools Strategy.”

REPORTS TO:  LINC Caring Communities Supervisor

LINC Caring Communities organizers will be responsibilities for organizing and supporting two different schools in the Independence School District.

These responsibilities general fall into these broad categories.

Site Councils

  • Organize Site Councils and assure broad representation and active participation from parents, youth, school personnel, business representatives, and neighborhood residents.
  • Provide technical assistance, support, and direction for the Site Council at the site in establishing priorities, collecting broad input and data, formulating goals, assessing the capacity of currents efforts.
  • Establish systems to assure ongoing consumer and neighborhood involvement in the development and evaluation of services.  This includes a council structure consistent with LINC’s Site Council Guidelines, ensuring meetings are regular and minutes recorded, maintaining two-way communication with key stakeholders regarding policy and planning issues affecting the neighborhood and school.
  • Assess and evaluate community assets and strengths
  • Design and develop community participations processes
  • Develop and support resident neighborhood leaders
  • Assist communities in the implementation of participation processes and leadership development
  • Create communication infrastructure
  • Offer support, technical assistance, and information to collaborating agencies, community-based organizations, schools, youth groups, business organizations, and other stakeholder groups
  • Assist in developing and updating training protocols and elements related to leadership training workshops and other training elements
  • Participate in community meetings, visibility/events and conferences as needed
  • Work closely with assigned personnel and other service providers
  • Maintain cooperation and participation with collaborating groups
  • Ensure accurate and timely reporting and data entry of activities for assigned sectors. Identifying progress toward meeting goals and objectives.
  • Develop strategic neighborhood outreach plans and approaches; implement innovative ways to provide information and recruit residents for various initiatives
  • Make contact with residents and disseminate program-related information by going door-to-door in the assigned neighborhoods on an ongoing basis.
  • Perform other duties as assigned

Needs Assessment

  • Develop and implement a Community Asset Mapping and Needs Assessment process in areas surrounding the school-linked sites and mobilize resources to maximize those assets.
  • Facilitate the development of a comprehensive neighborhood/school site plan for school-linked services.

Community Organizing

  • Demonstrates effective leadership and self-management through facilitation, mediation, persuasion, flexibility, organization, resourcefulness, and initiative skills.
  • Foster and develop working relationships with key stakeholders  to implement agreed-upon policies, procedures, and service agreements, and to assure integrated and effective services.
  • Recruit volunteers and promote civic engagement among parents and neighbors
  • Organize and promote parental engagement (Example: Families and Schools Together)

Service Delivery

  • Collaborate with existing efforts, negotiating agreements for services and repositioned staff, and developing and implementing action plans.
  • Develop and support LINC’s capacity to deliver neighborhood-based services or LINC-supported initiatives. (Examples: LINCWorks, community gardens, chess, etc.


  • Operate within budget guidelines ensuring expenditures are consistent with site plan, core results and guiding principles.
  • Maintain inventory records and complete paperwork (invoices/reports) timely and accurately.
  • Work with school administrators and community members to establish reporting systems that deliver regular progress reports to concerned stakeholders while maintaining confidentiality as required by policies, procedures, and state/federal law.
  • Maintain and utilize accurate and timely data/evaluation records in planning and decision making process.  Submission of data in a thorough and timely fashion.


Degree in public administration, education, social work, health care, social sciences, or a related area or equivalent experience in program development and implementation, community organizing, and administration.

Requires a minimum of two years supervisory experience in related field and strong leadership and interpersonal skills.  Applicants must be able to work autonomously, and must have a commitment to the success of children, families, and community, and a results-oriented approach to the work.


Send resume with salary requirements to Local Investment Commission, HR Dept, 3100 Broadway, Suite 1100, Kansas City, MO 64111 or email the information to

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