LINC Before and After School Care

An overview of LINC's before and after-school program.

LINC Caring Communities Model

This model has been used by LINC since 1993 when it began operating Caring Communities sites in schools and neighborhoods.

LINC Chess

LINC believes that chess enhances students' self-confidence, thinking skills and academic achievement. We support active chess clubs in the after-school programs at many LINC Caring Communities sites and students compete in local tournaments.

2015 LINC Summer School in the KCPS

A graphic showing a summary and growth of the LINC summer school program in the Kansas City Public Schools.

Jackson County Child Welfare Portrait

Overview of the Children in Care of the Missouri Children's Division.

Missouri Star School

The Missouri Division of Youth Services has formed Missouri Star School through a partnership with LINC. This blended learning approach provides a personalized educational experience by connecting technology to learning, career, community, and family. 

Families and Schools Together

An overview of the Families and Schools Together model and how it's supports LINC's core results.

LINC Independent Living Initiative

LINC supports foster youth in their transition to adulthood and independent living.

LINCWorks Results Sept. 2016

A quarterly report on the work participation rate of clients in the LINCWorks program.

Early Learning in Hickman Mills

An overview of the new early learning centers in the Hickman Mills School district and how LINC supports their vision.

LINC in the Hickman Mills School District

LINC operational support of the Hickman Mills School District.

Missouri Reentry Process

Through multi-agency collaborations, a shared vision of public safety, evidence-based offender management, and results-driven leadership, the Missouri Reentry Process is producing outcomes that prove Missouri communities are safer for you and your family. 

Summer Food Program Summary

A five-year summary of the SEBTC program. The program provides summer food benefits to families.

Summer Reading Loss

School districts partnering with libraries to prevent summer reading loss.

Swope Health South Clinic

Patient demographics from the Swope Health Services clinic at 89th and Troost.

LINC Data System

An overview of the new LINC data system Apricot and its integration with the Independence School District.

LINC Online

LINC's online presence and engagement with community using social media.

LINC Training and Professional Development

LINC offers our staff 22 different workshops on youth development. It is an important part of providing quality before- and after-school care.