What is the new CCDF Health and Safety Training?

On April 1, 2017 the State of Missouri simplified the training requirements for child care providers. The new Health and Safety Training combines and replaces the Pre-Service and In-Service Training. Providers now only have to take the one training to meet the requirements. Remember, you still need to have a valid CPR license. If you are a home-based provider you will need to complete the Child Care Subsidy Orientation.

What topics does Health and Safety Training cover?

 The Health & Safety Training will include the following topics: 

  • Prevention of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and Safe Sleeping
  • Prevention of Shaken Baby Syndrome and Abusive Head Trauma
  • Emergency Disaster and Response
  • Mandatory Child Abuse and Neglect (CA/N) Reporting
  • Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases, including Immunizations
  • Administration of Medication, Consistent with Standards for Parental Consent
  • Prevention and Response to Food Allergy Emergencies
  • Building and Physical Premises Safety, including Identification of and Protection from Hazards that can Cause Bodily Injury
  • Handling and Storage of Hazardous Materials and the Appropriate Disposal of Bio-contaminants
  • Transportation of Children


I've already taken one Pre-Service or In-Service class, what else do I need to do?

If you have only taken one class (Pre-Service or In-Service) prior to April 1, you will still need to take the new Health and Safety training.


I've already completed BOTH Pre-Service and In-Service, do I need to take the new Health and Safety Training?

No, you have completed the training requirements. Remember, you may still need to have a valid CPR license. If you are a home-based provider you will need to complete the Child Care Subsidy Orientation.


I've registered for two trainings coming up, which one should I attend?

If you have registered for training for events after April 1, you will only need to attend ONE of the classes you registered for.

Does this training apply to me or my center?

Training is required for all licensed and license-exempt child care providers with a contract or registration agreement with the Department of Social Services to provide care to children eligible for child care subsidy. Any child care provider, staff or volunteer counted in the child/staff ratio or who is responsible for the supervision of children is required to complete all of the training topics. There are a few exceptions to the required training topics that are outlined in this document. 

Why is training now required?

As of October 2016, all child care providers and staff directly caring for children must complete required training to continue receiving child care subsidy payments.

  • Required training must be completed by June 30, 2017.
  • A new child care law went into effect to ensure a safer, more family-friendly child care program.
  • This law requires training for all child care providers and their staff who directly care for children.
  • This required training helps ensure the health and safety of your facility and the children in your care.

We run a license-exempt day camp during the summer. Will the training requirements be the same for us?

Any child care facility (program) receiving child care subsidy from the Child Care and Development Fund to require training of child care providers, their staff and volunteers who are responsible for the supervision of children in care.

What happens if I do not finish training?

Identified training topics must be completed by June 30, 2017 to continue being contracted or registered as a child care provider with the Department of Social Services for children receiving child care subsidy.

How and where do I get training?

  • Educare offers most required training in person for FREE. 
  • Trainings will be offered at locations convenient for most individuals.

  • All Missouri child care providers receiving a subsidy payment are required to attend training, so sessions will fill quickly. Please register for training as soon as possible.

How will DSS know I've finished my training?

  • We will track training through your facility’s personal six-digit ID number, called a MOPD ID.
  • All staff must have an individual ID number that is associated with your facility’s MOPD ID.

  • To get a MOPD ID: Contact your local Educare provider for help. Visit Opportunities in a Professional Education Network (OPEN) at https://www.openinitiative.org/

Do my cooks, administrative staff and volunteers have to take the training?

Any employee/volunteer who are directly responsible for the supervision of children must complete all training topics.

Do new staff or volunteers need to complete the trainings?

New staff/volunteers counted in the child/staff ratio or responsible for direct supervision of children need to complete required trainings within 3 months of hire and must have all training completed prior to being given sole responsibility for the supervision of children. For example, if a new staff member is hired on May 15, 2017 they have until July 15, 2017 to complete training in the required topics. If the new employee has already received the required trainings the employee does not have to re-take the training again if the trainings were completed after January 1, 2016 as verified by OPEN and the employee has a valid First Aid/CPR certification.

Do the trainings have to be completed every year?

The initial list of training topics are required by federal law at this time. Other than maintaining First Aid/CPR certification, the topics will not be required in the future, unless the agency identifies a need. Additional trainings will be required in future years and determined by the state agency, but should be less than 11 topics at one time. 

We do not serve infants or toddlers. Do we still need to do the back to sleep training or shaken baby?

No, if you are licensed, license exempt school based, or a license exempt summer camp provider who does not care for children less than 2 years of age, you do not need to complete training topics on Prevention of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and Safe Sleep or Prevention of Shaken Baby Syndrome and Abusive Head Trauma. All other types of child care providers will be required to complete trainings in these topics. 

My facility does not transport children. Do we have to take the training about transportation of children?

If your facility is licensed or a license-exempt school based program and does not transport children (e.g., no one transports children at all, not even for field trips), staff are not required to complete the training on the Transportation of Children topic.

I have an current CPR certification. Do I need to take CPR again?

If you and/or your staff have CPR/First Aid certification from an approved national model (see next Q/A for list) that is good through June 30, 2017, you have met the requirement and do not have to take the training again before June 30, 2017. All staff must maintain a valid CPR certification when working in a state contracted or registered child care facility/home.