LINC in the Community

LINC has several sites which are partnerships with neighborhoods, city and local government.

LINC Caring Communities are places where the community can gather to seek information, resources, connections and more. They are part of LINC's initiative to create Community Schools in the Kansas City Area.

Each Caring Communities site has a Site Coordinator who works with the community - from youth and seniors to parents and neighbors - to uncover the best ways to help residents and the area thrive. Caring Communities are safe, fun, educational places for families and provide necessary resources for adults.



Historic East Caring Communities

4301 E 43rd Street,
Kansas City, MO 64130

Phone (816) 410-8416


K.C. South Core Caring Communities

2116 E. 74th St.,
Kansas City, MO 64132

Phone (816) 444-9300