New Child Care Training Requirements Effective Immediately

Download a flyer about the new child care training requirements.


What is pre-service & in-service training?

Optional Pre-registration - Orientation for new and renewing providers.  Every provider must have a MODP# and have it connected to DVN#

Pre-Service Training (PST) Mandated Trainings - Trainings must be completed within 60 days of submitting an application (new and registered providers). Completion of the following topics is required:

  • CPR
  • Child Care Subsidy Orientation Training
  • Safe Sleep
  • Shaken Baby
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Child Abuse & Neglect

In-Service Training (IST) Mandated Training - Training must be completed within 3 months from the date of the contract becoming active. Completion of the following topics is required:

  • Building and physical premises safety
  • Handling and storage of hazardous materials
  • Emergency and disaster response
  •  Infection Control, Hand-washing, Sanitary food handling
  • Immunizations and medication, parental consent
  • Emergencies due to food / drug allergic reactions
  • Transportation of children

Why am I getting this letter?

  • As of October 2016, all child care providers and staff must complete required training to continue receiving child care subsidy payments.
  • Required training must be completed by June 30, 2017.

Why is training now required?

  • A new child care law went into effect to ensure a safer, more family-friendly child care program.
  • This law requires training for all child care providers and their staff.
  • This required training helps ensure the health and safety of your facility and the children in your care.

What training is required? 

  • Required training courses are included with this notice.
  • Some training topics will be one-time; others must be done each year.

What happens if I do not finish my training? 

 If you and your staff do not finish training by June 30, 2017 your facility’s registration will be terminated and subsidy payments will end.

How do I get the training?

  • Educare offers most required training in person for FREE. There is a fee for the CPR/First Aid training.
  • A list of Educare providers is included with this notice.
  • All Missouri child care providers receiving a subsidy payment are required to attend training, so sessions will fill quickly.
  • Contact Educare as soon as possible to make sure training is completed on time.

How will DSS know I finished my training? 

  • We will track training through your facility’s personal six-digit ID number, called a MOPD ID.
  • All staff must have an individual ID number that is associated with your facility’s MOPD ID.
  • To get a MOPD ID: Contact your local Educare provider for help. Visit Opportunities in a Professional Education Network (OPEN) at

To begin training, contact your local Educare provider.

Educare offers most required training in-person for FREE. To register, contact the Educare provider who covers your county.


LaChandra Calhoun, LINC Educare Coordinator
816-889-5055 ext. 1233

Register for Training

Visit for upcoming trainings.